Exciting Opportunity UNLOCKED For Only 5-10 People:
Exciting Opportunity UNLOCKED For Only [5-10] People:
Enroll In My Brand New Exclusive Course & Coaching Program
Make The World Truly Your Oyster! 
This Is A Qualification Call To See If You’re A Good Fit
Ultimate Lifelong Travel Secrets Revealed
Fear of the unknown can hold you back from making the most of your opportunity to travel.

Be honest with me…

When you were discovering your excitement to travel:
  • How many travel books did you read? And how many actions did you take from them?
  • How many travel videos did you watch? And when you discovered beautiful untouched places, how many did you visit?
  • How many chances have you missed already? Have you let a once-in-a-lifetime deal get away from you?
The real question is WHY weren’t you ready to take action. Before I gained the confidence to travel alone, I always thought: “Nothing will stop me!” 

But lack of confidence always did…

With my 4-step system, it’s easier than ever to travel. 

But you won't experience any of it until you work up the courage to book your first trip.

I know that sometimes all you need is a little support to get rolling. That’s why I’ve opened up spaces in my course and coaching program.

I’m offering you this free call to speak with you and determine if we’d be a good fit to work together.
Find Out If The Course & Coaching Program Are Right For You
This Is A Qualification Call To See If You’re A Good Fit
How Will The Course And Coaching Program Help You?
I’ve designed this course and coaching program to completely transform your life through travel.

The framework focuses on equipping you with the mindset, motivation, planning, preparation, information, and implementation you need to achieve the ultimate goal: 

The freedom and flexibility you desire and deserve as a confident solo traveler.

Here’s how we’re going to do it:
  • Video Lessons:
Video has been proven to teach better than reading or listening alone. That’s why I chose to teach many of these lessons in video format.
  • Practical Homework: 
New information not acted on within the first 48 hours of learning often gets forgotten. Practical homework ensures that you retain maximum information.
  • Live Coaching:
Videos are GREAT, but sometimes you need to hear something different to understand it. Live coaching gives you the chance to fully understand the lesson.
  • Q&A Sessions:
Questions help create discussions and assist in creative and critical thinking. They also give me the chance to scope the level of support you may need.
  • Online Community:
The community gives you the chance to network with like-minded people. New connections mean that you’ll have opportunities to stay accountable.
Everything comes together with the course framework to give you everything you need to stay motivated, focused, and see progression.

Discover the best ways to plan, prepare and implement your dream travels.

You CAN have the freedom and flexibility to be a solo traveler.
What Can You Expect On Our Call?
On this call, we’ll dive deep into what you’re feeling and thinking right now.

It will allow me to assess your troubles, goals, and expectations and let you know FAST if my course and coaching align with them.

It’s your chance to:

  • Discover if my course and coaching program can solve the troubles in your life.
  • Get a feel for each other to see if we would like to work with each other.
  • Get every question about my course and coaching program answered.
This FREE 35-minute call is an incredible opportunity for you.
Because, after visiting all 50 states, 7 continents, and 40+ countries…it’s safe to say:

I’ve been there, done that, and bought the “I Heart NY” tee shirt.

And the things I’ve learned have allowed me to create an incredible course and coaching program.

Trying something new can be scary, but I want to put your mind at ease with this call.

This is your chance to discover ahead of time if it can solve your problems.

I want to help you overcome self-doubt and gain the confidence you need to become a frequent-flier.

My course and coaching program is the #1 resource you need. 

And I just know that by the time we’re done together, you’ll be super pumped and itching to be let loose into the big world!
“No Partner, No Problem”
After our call, you'll realize that you don't need a partner to be able to travel the world…

You just need my course and coaching program! 

You’ll have a new direction and be ready to get started.

Having the confidence to travel alone allowed me to meet so many people from different cultures. I never feel alone!

There is always a new experience to be had.

Dependency on others who don’t prioritize travel the way you do can end up being a huge letdown... I learned this firsthand.

The “majority vote” can stop you from doing the things you enjoy or are excited about.

Instead of being stuck in your hotel room or overpriced tourist location, you have the chance to see the world the way it truly is!

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a 3-day weekend trip a couple of states over, or spending 2 weeks in another country… 

You still have a chance to take in new sights, scenes, scents, sounds, and situations.

You only have 1 life, and you need to live it the way YOU want.

And if you want to optimize your time off work, you NEED to take advantage of this call and let me help you.
Find Out If The Course & Coaching Program Is Right For You
This Is A Qualification Call To See If You’re A Good Fit
Everyone Gets 1 Moment To Make A REAL Change In Their Life

(Don’t Accept Average Experiences)

You may be reading this and wondering: “Is a call right for me?”

And if you’re already traveling around the world and enjoying the travel life, the answer is no.

But, if you want to:
  • Escape Your Normal Life: You don’t want to look back years from now and be unhappy because you didn’t travel.
  • Quit Worrying: You’re tired of focusing all your thoughts on negative outcomes.
  • Manage Fear: Fear affects your whole body and holds you back from a better life experience.
Then we need to talk…

I want to encourage, educate, and empower you, but I can only do it if you are in my course and coaching program. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old…

I can show you how to have the best experience seeing the world by yourself.

And this call is the first step you need to take!
It’s Not About What People Are Saying, It’s About What They’re Doing

These powerful women have overcome self-doubt and fear 
and now take on the world:

These powerful women have overcome self-doubt and fear and now take on the world:

And you can be next!

Find Out If The Course & Coaching Program Is Right For You
This Is A Qualification Call To See If You’re A Good Fit